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How We Began

Sweet Melody started as a love letter from me to my daughter, Melody.

Young Melody.jpg

We pride ourselves in presenting familiar (and not so familiar) flavors in a whimsical and creative way, telling our story one pint at a time, using the finest ingredients.


In 2014, I bought a $50 lime green ice cream maker at Brandsmart. It sat untouched for a year and a half. First in a storage unit while I was moving homes, then in the corner of the garage, still in its box.

After losing my job, as if by serendipity, the ice cream maker found it’s way back into my life. Rinsing it off and turning it on changed my life forever.

First Ice Cream Maker_edited.jpg

I set out to make creative flavors that married comfort with creativity, using our local flavors and artisans as inspiration.


We are constantly striving to make the best ice cream you will ever try! I named it after the person I love most in this world, my daughter, Melody. This way, I know we will always make it THE BEST!


In the time since, we have grown but our spirit of small batch innovation has never changed.

If you believe in family, community & amazing ice cream, visit one of our shops for a sweet experience!


The Sweet Melody Way


We make classic American style (sometimes referred to as Philadelphia or New England style) ice cream. It’s characterized by its rich, dense and almost chewy texture. The absence of egg yolks lets the flavors shine through.

Chocolate Macaron copy.jpg
Good Vibes Only.jpg

One of the things that makes us unique is that we are the only craft ice cream brand in Miami that pasteurizes its own recipe from start to finish. Most ice cream companies purchase a pre-made mix and flavor it. Doing it that way never felt right or natural for us, so we took the extra step of becoming a State of Florida Certified Dairy Plant in order to be able to make all of our ice cream from scratch.

A9_00831 copy.jpg

We also make all of our mix-ins from scratch (Well, MOST of them. Hard to improve on an Oreo!), which means we are also a full bakery! Our team is dedicated to make the best possible product from start to finish.


One try and you’ll know why!

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