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Malta con Leche Condensada [MAWL-tuh Kon LE-che KON-DEN-sah-duh] is another nostalgic flavor for so many in the Hispanic community. On a personal family note, this classic beverage was a favorite of my grandmother until the age of 95. We use the same malts used to make beer, add in hints of molasses and brown sugar notes, plus lots of authentic Malta Hatuey. We round it off with condensed milk to tame the malty flavor and bring it all into balance. This flavor is traditionally Hispanic, but it will transport your tastebuds someplace special, no matter where you are. Enjoy!

Texture: crunchy, chewy, milky

Flavor Notes: hazelnuts, milk, light cocoa

Finish: chocolate milk

Pairs Well With: cake, vanilla, almonds

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